I teach and I get asked a lot about how to take a great selfie, I don’t take a lot but when I do I follow these steps.

(I hope you find them helpful and please let me know what works for you.)

Here we go!

1. Open your camera app … I use VSCO.CAM! You can use what ever you like.

2. Find your light source … Look at how the light is falling on your face. Do you need to move? Tilt, move your camera, sit closer, further away, are you using a mirror, is it reflecting light?

3. Position your camera to flatter your face …. I always angle my phone slightly above me. I believe it makes me look younger, thinner and more beautiful.

4. Practice your expressions … find the one that fits your mood.

5. When you feel like you’ve got it snap away. It can take a few tries, maybe even 5-10 and that’s OK. Keep pressing the button until you got what you want. You can delete those ones that didn’t make the cut later.

6. Decide if a filter will enhance your photo … Don’t forget to use hashtag #nofilter if you are keeping it real.

7. Post on Instagram, use very clear hashtags to describe your photo. Get creative and if you want to flow into some current feeds check and see what is trending. Popular hashtags reach the top of the list faster. Twitter always has a quick list of what is trending. You can connect your Instagram to your Twitter and you Facebook too.

8. Wait and see who might like your photo. See if you like theirs too and maybe there is a new follow for you to consider. They liked your photo so they may follow back. This is a great way to start online community.

9.Use Instagram to see how others are doing their Selfies. Otherwise known as creeping. Pinterst is great for this too. Be careful, this can be addicting and a lot of fun.

10. Practice makes perfect!