Tdot so many daze…

Up early and hearing my house mate giggle with a girl in his room floundering around on an air bed has me a bit puzzled. To say the least. I contemplate taking up an hour of bathroom time with dying my 40% grey hair or do I try to do it somewhere else in the house. I hear giggling and wonder if I can’t manage to do the make shift dye job in my room. I figure out the logistics and away I go. In time my morning comes together and it includes having a great brunch of spring water bread and some pasta, a shower and a bit of a movie while looking out the window at the rain falling. Ugh.

I feel blank. I’m not sure how to describe it but maybe that’s the whole point to what I have done and am doing. Creating a clean slate. There is no panic or anxiety. Not even with my monthly visitor. I’m just blank. Maybe just exhausted. Who knows. I trudge onward and wonder if everything is going to come together sooner or later.

I wonder why a scientist hasn’t invented a way to shut off or delete worry. So much energy and life would be flourishing and evolving so much quicker and less energy would be spent on nothing. That’s all worry is, its nothing. So true in fact because when we do it we don’t change anything or make anything different. We just consume ourselves with it and it takes us over and with that we stop growing.

Why hasn’t someone invented a cure or resolve for this predicament? Its almost always at the core of each and every mental illness you can name or find or maybe even have yourself.

Think about it and maybe start doing your own research. See how much time and effort you devote to this act every day and what would really happen in your world if all of that energy was freed up for something else.

Something you want to do or someone you want to become.

The Buddhists are on to it already but have they achieved it? I don’t see it in the headlines but indeed living in the here and now avoids a lot of wasted energy and effort on the possibilities and what if’s that normally occupy our brain space.

Maybe its like the cure for cancer or the common cold or the war over the oil fields no one would profit from it and the world would blossom as a result. Who can have that? Are you ready for it? Do you want it?

I think we should try.