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How do you turn around the inevitable pity party that transpires when left to your own devices you can’t find work or even people’s time to network with so that you can get yourself out there.

How do you turn that frown upside down then and just enjoy your new surroundings that are 6 weeks new to you, the beautiful sunshine, the Magician in your Tarot card, friends, good health, cash coming in from EI, a part time job, a really great place to live as of July 1st and a transit pass that gets you everywhere.

How can you hold yourself up enough not to throw a pity party because you are not working and don’t know what to say when people ask you about it. Everyone around you is so busy they can’t find time for you.

Not contributing each and every day to society with your skill or aspirations is a depression maker and anxiety creator. Although ‘Anxiety’ is said to be the forecast of failure how do you banish it when all you are left with is swimming around and around in your head.

A way out? Universe, I’m asking.