Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 11:47 PM

My journey home last night, AKA living in East Van

So I leave work just after 7 and slide my way to the Stadium Skytrain Station. A train comes almost as I arrive and it’s empty, whew.
I get on and it begins to leave the station, I’m standing and thinking about the voucher I have for dinner and what I would like to have.
I decide on Safeway instead of fast food. Just as I process this thought the train stops so abruptly I fall into someone’s lap red faced and apologetic.
We sit there for almost 10 minutes before the doors open part way and an announcement is made, I’m in the last car and we are just barely out of the station.
Someone had jumped in front of the train. Apparently its the latest fad, to try and cross the tracks and not stop the train by applying too much pressure to the track.
No, they were not trying to kill themselves, voluntarily.
45 Minutes later we move again. Finally.
I get off the train and the Broadway Station is full of Police, Skytrain Security and a dog.
I make my way by and head to Safeway.
I purchase my groceries and want to get my receipt stapled to my voucher so I don’t loose either. The cashier tells me I have to get a staple at customer service.
So I gather up my bags and head over. The lady examines the voucher and refuses to redeem it before I can ask her for a staple and explain that its not a Safeway voucher. Her stapler was jammed and she couldn’t figure out how to un-jam it. I fold up the voucher with the receipt and place it in my purse.
I move towards the exit and see a man doubled over in the chairs near the exit and hear a cashier say ‘Ernie, get up, Ernie!’. So as I pass I say to Ernie, ‘Hey Ernie’ in a calm voice not looking up or directly at him. He shakes off his sleep and recognizes that he needs to wake up and move on.
The cashier laughs and thanks me, I don’t look back I just want to get home.
I round the block to my building and see my neighbour’s friend pissing on a lamppost. (I know he is my neighbours friend because he doesn’t use the front door. He stands out back and yells my neighbours name over and over while throwing rocks at his window. Sometimes the rocks are over shot and hit my window or the divider between our patios.)
I open my door and find a notice that our heat and hot water are not working because of a leak on the 2nd floor, and it will not be fixed until this time tomorrow.
I sigh, put on a sweater after taking off my coat and hat and unpack my food.
I sit and turn on the TV to relax before I get my dinner ready and find the Muppet Christmas Carol and think to myself that my day could not have ended any better.

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