I’m back, its been ages and so much for consistency and posting for 365.

Lets try this again.

I’ve developed a new project and am going to use this space to share it with you.

A year of portraits.

My life has taken me to the suburbs and on a traveling adventure so what better way to document that adventure than to share it with you. Every day.

My life has changed in a very big way and a surprisingly small event started that change.

Having dinner in early December was the event that started the domino effect of that change.

Since then decisions have been made at a record breaking pace and my life has been turned upside down. For the better and for always.

I met someone and I can confidently say he is the driving force behind these changes that have greatly improved my life and quality of living.

Since we met I’ve decided to move, pursue a new job and make changes in my financial situation.

These choices might sound ominous based on the fact that meeting another person spurred such events but after many discussions and thought it was decided my life was due for some updating and all of the changes are so very welcome.

Who knows what the future hold but no matter how it takes shape I am in a much better place to welcome it with a smile.