Dutil Denim Project, Month 1

Here is a pair of Mens 31W Double Wood Super Narrow RAW denim jeans from Dutil Denim, Vancouver BC. This is a year of me wearing them and the adventures I will have in them.

I started working with this brand after connecting with my business card one day, out of the blue. I am very curious about this culture and what it means to commit to something that wears like its a part of you. I can see the environmental benefits, in the construction and in the wearing. The jeans don’t get washed, there are things you do to keep them clean, treat them for stains and keep them fresh

What I am most excited about is becoming a part of this community and who I will meet on the way.

Thank you Dutil for introducing me to this culture and I can’t wait to see where we will go. Here’s to a year in RAW Denim.