Deanna has been running her own photography business and working commercially with people for the past few years. Her Instagram feed @freeadmission has been noted as a feed that stands out by Stand Out publications for the past two years. Deanna lives in Vancouver BC, is from Halifax NS and travels to where her work needs her to be. Deanna never leaves home without a camera; is a Lover of jellyfish, octopus, neighbours, softness, dogs, teddy bears, children, painting, exploring, the ocean, bicycles, fresh air and getting around on foot, planning, being silly, being creative, doing what comes naturally, film photography, thrifting and Love. If you are thinking about building a library of photos for your social media, creating a new headshot or boosting your website with some great new content, reach out. She has worked with many brands, loves telling a story with photos and always has a personal project to share.

Current Published work on Behance

A year in Toronto's transit with an iPhone 4s

Deanna was first published in Chase Magazine, it was a polaroid transfer and her first editorial. When she went to get the issue a big ticket fell out and that ticket became the name of her business. Everyone said she was crazy and she felt like she had a free pass to the crazy and works hard every day to share that pass with you.