Portrait Project February 2018

28 Portraits in 28 days.

I am so grateful to everyone who participated in this project. It started as a way to challenge my portrait chops then turned to the idea of shooting strong women who have influenced me in my life. Then morphed into a project that included Men and Women because of equal influence on both sides. So in the spirit of true connection these images were formed, each individual to the person and the place they hold in my heart.

The next project is people and their pets, so if you have a pet and want a portrait with them reach out. Doesn't matter what kind of pet, it just can't be camera shy.

Click to scroll to see all of the awesome people who contributed their time and energy to this project.


Thank you

Amandine, Antonio, Bob, Cathy, Danny and Andrew, Dave, Denis and Jenna, Desiree, Elim, James Skinner, Jaz, Jenny Xenos, Keona, Louise, Michelle, Pauline, Samantha, Sara K, Sarah L, Shawn, Stella, Susan, Tory, Tyson, Wendy D, Wendy Y, and Finally Yi Stropky. You are all amazing.


BTS of my promo with Antonio Cordero

Antonio reached out to me through Instagram asking if I would be interested in making a promo video with him. Of course I said YES! It was perfect timing and I could tell right away he was serious about it. Our first meeting was scheduled during an editorial I was shooting for Spring. He was early and not feeling well but didn't want to cancel. 

He got the lay of the land in my live work studio and showed me an example of what he was thinking, I was in. He excused himself and we made plans to meet the next week for my next shoot day. 

He came prepared, story board, questions, quick and easy gear to set up and he's very personable. I'd give him a reference any day. 

We have one more shoot together before we cut the final in the mean time here is the BTS video he created on the day.